Public Relations

Our public relations services are designed to help you build brand awareness, reinforce your unique identity and value, and develop mutually beneficial relationships with the communities that matter most to you, whether these communities are comprised of customers, employees, partners, investors or industry influencers.

Our specific services include content creation (see our content marketing page), media relations, social media engagement, analyst relations, event production and promotion, content promotion, and speaker programs.

Media Relations

We help you identify the top online publications, journalists and bloggers for your market and the community you are trying to reach, and develop an engagement strategy for building relationships and gaining exposure with each target channel and influencer. Services offered to reach these goals include:

  • Developing storylines
  • Creating and placing content in earned and paid media
  • Scheduling media interviews
  • Developing press tours and launch events
  • Scheduling tradeshow and conference briefings with journalists
  • Providing media listening and analytics

Social Media Engagement

Our social engagement strategy enables you to build meaningful relationships with the communities you care about through their social channels and your own. Accordingly, our social media capabilities include:

  • Identification of the social media channels of most significance to your target communities
  • Development of original and curated content for your channels
  • Alerts and recommended content for you to use in engaging in important conversations in your own channels or external ones
  • Coordination of social media content with your master content strategy and plan (see content marketing)
  • Social media advertising, promotions and contests
  • Social media analytics

Event & Speaking Programs

Our event services include helping you identify important external events in which you should be participating, helping you secure speaking engagements at key events, coordinating media and/or analyst interviews and briefs during events, providing presentation development and coaching (through our partner Ideas on Stage), and end-to-end event planning and production (also through partners).

Content Promotion

Having great content isn’t enough. You need to syndicate it through the right channels to generate the awareness and inbound leads your content is designed to produce. We can help you with syndication strategy and execution, and we can also assist you with traditional digital advertising, including ad campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and other channels to further extend the impact of your campaigns.