Deep Learning & NLP Meet by the Bay

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Deep Learning & NLP Meet by the Bay

Text By the Bay, a new conference for Natural Language Processing (NLP) academics & practitioners, will take place this Friday and Saturday in San Francisco, CA (4/24 & 4/25). I wish I could be there. Not all of the speakers are from organizations working in domains of top interest to me, but interesting fundamentals that could be applied in intriguing ways.

Would like to catch these in particular:

At the intersection of Deep Learning & NLP:

  • “Practical NLP Applications of Deep Learning,” Samiur Rahman, @samiur1204 
  • “Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing,” Richard Socher, @RichardSocher
  • “Unsupervised NLP Tutorial using Apache Spark,” Marek Kolodziej, @marekinfo

Knowledge maps for Content Discovery:

  • Talks by the same title by Oren Schaedel & Seth Redmore, @sredmore

Also Interesting:

  • “Using Big Data to Identify the World’s Top Experts,” Nima Sarshar, @nimilinimo
  • “ML Scoring: Where Machine Learning Meets Search,” Joaquin Delgado, @joaquind

Hopefully some of the talks will be shared after the event… If anyone I know goes and catches one of the sessions above, I’d love a recap :-)

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