Analyst Relations

Analyst Support

Maintaining positive ongoing relationships with the right industry analysts can play an important role in your success, but not every company is large enough to have dedicated analyst relations staff. If that’s you, we can serve as a virtual team member to provide a full range of analyst support services, beginning with the development of a foundational Positioning Brief.

  1. Positioning Brief

The Positioning Brief is a resource used to identify the analysts you should work with, and to provide baseline content for strategic communications and analyst briefings. We can work with you to develop this document, or review it with you if it already exists. Core content typically includes:

  • Solution Positioning: market sector(s) classification
  • Industry Positioning: current and target industry(ies)
  • Storyline: purpose, value, differentiation
  • Competitive Position: primary direct & indirect competitors


  1. Analyst Briefing Template

The baseline Introduction Brief incorporates content from the Positioning Brief plus several additional sections such as:

  • Growth Objectives (geos, markets, revenue, size, etc.)
  • Growth Strategy (marketing, sales, support, partners, etc.)
  • Primary Concerns
  • Case Study
  • Demo


  1. Analyst Engagement Plan

The engagement plan is the blueprint for developing strong ongoing relationships with the right analysts. It includes:

  • Target Analyst List
  • Analyst Profiles
  • Engagement Strategy for Each Analyst
  • Objectives with Timeline for Each Analyst


  1. Plan Execution

As needed, we can not only help you develop your plan but provide you with services to execute your plan, including:

  • Scheduling webex briefings
  • Scheduling meet and greet at events target analysts are attending
  • Quarterly tracking of new research and events for target analysts
  • Adapting your baseline Briefing presentation for individual analysts
  • Creating new Briefing decks for special briefing sessions (major case study, major release, or major company evolution)
  • Holding pre-briefing coaching sessions
  • Participating in briefings (coordination and listening role)
  • Post-briefing review calls with team
  • Drafting copy for thank you messages
  • Identifying digital habitats where target analysts are active, and assisting¬† in gaining visibility in these habitats
  • Drafting copy for relationship-building communications