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3 Biggest Knowledge Discovery Traps

As promised in a previous post, here’s my list of the top 3 knowledge discovery roadblocks, in descending order of easiest to hardest to fix: Misguided SecurityOld School Tech, and theVagaries of Capitalism (with numbers 2 and 3 being inseparably linked)First, though, a definition: What do I mean by knowledge discovery? I use the term here Read More

Deep Learning & NLP Meet by the Bay

Text By the Bay, a new conference for Natural Language Processing (NLP) academics & practitioners, will take place this Friday and Saturday in San Francisco, CA (4/24 & 4/25). I wish I could be there. Not all of the speakers are from organizations working in domains of top interest to me, but interesting fundamentals that Read More
Photo © Mish Sukharev, Common Copyright 2.0 Generic license

Knowledge Discovery Driver: “The Old Guys Are Retiring!”

A couple of years ago this week, I gave a talk at an aerospace industry gathering on open source intelligence, web mining, and the changing nature of national security risk. To get conversation flowing, I asked audience members to share what they personally considered to be the greatest security threat facing us today. As the

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Climate Corporation, Monsanto and the Raison d’Etre of Data Science

As I sit enjoying the light but steady Spring rainfall that is transforming my backyard into what feels to me like a Garden of Eden, a world away in northern India, dozens of debt-stricken farmers have taken their lives in response to devastating crop losses wrought by unseasonal rain, hailstorms and high winds, while hospitals

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A Naively Roundup UnReady Suburbanite

I have a lingering fondness for the scruffy olive and khaki coastal desert landscape around the Southern California city I called home for seven years, as I do for the cold but colorful alternate universe I discovered there when I took up scuba diving.  But I never really felt ‘at home’ in California. I was

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